Restoration Shop

The restoration shop is where the real magic happens. A team of the industry's leading professionals in order to take original classics and restore them to their former glory.

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The goal of restoring a car body is not to slap a bunch of plastic filler on a quarter panel and call it good. We look at structural strength and longevity for your car.

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The heart of every car is the engine and powertrain. Our experienced mechanics have worked on hundreds of engines of all makes and varying horsepower.

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When it comes to restoration, upholstery can be one of the areas that's overlooked in order to cut corners. We surround you in comfort, style and functionality.

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Don't call the folks who do the paintwork craftsmen… they are true artists! We have an advanced downdraft paint booth utilized to make your vehicle showroom perfect.

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You look at a beautiful engine and the first question that comes to mind is… how much horsepower? The answer can be found on our floor mounted Dyno. Tune your hot rod today!

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Whether it's a restoration or just time to get your classic clean, our detailing center is ready. Bumper to bumper our professionals polish what you see and can't see.

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Photo Galleries

Okoboji Classic Cars has done some amazing work on our restoration projects! Check out some of these projects on the restoration photo gallery page.

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