When building Okoboji Classic Cars, Toby Shine had one goal in mind: to build a team of world-class professionals that restore classics to their former glory. Each project has a unique set of challenges, which is why OCC's restoration shop houses the latest equipment. Whether it's bodywork, mechanical, upholstery, a fresh paint job, or a complete auto detail, we ensure you and your car are taken care of.

Our goal is for your car to surround you in comfort, style and functionality just like the day it rolled off the line. Restoration is all about the details and our skilled craftsmen have the real world experience to choose the proper materials that bring your interior back to life. At Okoboji Classic Cars it's about making sure the job is done right all the way down to the last stitch.

Restoration Shop Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm